Course Suggestion?

Montour Summer STEAM Camp provides students opportunities to explore various STEAM fields in a fun and engaging environment outside the typical school setting.


  • Students have the autonomy to participate in the course of their interest.

  • Each course provides an opportunity for group work in which students will develop their strengths and improve areas of weaknesses while engaging with their peers.

  • Courses will be comprised of various ages, providing unique peer-learning harmony.

  • The exciting week long program will engage students in 15 hours of relevant academic coursework to ignite their excitement and engagement in STEAM fields.

  • As a culminating activity on the final day of camp, students will share what they made & learned throughout the week.  All are welcome to attend.

STEAM challenges students to learn and apply content and skills with fun, real-life projects.   

The National Academy of Engineers has identified 14 Grand Challenges that the world faces in this century.  Each of these challenges can be solved by lifelong learners of STEAM. Every job, even the ones you wouldn’t expect, will require at least basic STEAM skills.

Research shows that these skills are transferable and needed in every job sector. 

Please direct any questions to:
Jason Burik
Montour School District 

Phone: 412-490-6500 x4312

For information on the Brick Makerspace Powered by Lego Education at Montour Elementary School click here.